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What’s a “Relentlessly Gay” yard?

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To a self-described Christian in the Baltimore area, it’s having colorful candles. Rainbow-colored candles. They’re what moved a “Concerned Home Owner” to complain in this note to the offending neighbor.

Homeowner Julie Baker is responding by going even MORE relentless and to raise money to do that, she started a page on GoFundMe. Her pitch includes this:

Put simply, I am a widow and the mother of four children, my youngest in high school and I WILL NOT Relent to Hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!!!

Her drive is doing very well.

The offending lights.

The story is now on the Baltimore Sun site, BoingBoing, and surely others to come. It’s going viral because we love the feelings of derision and outrage that are evoked by crazy shit like this.

When I stopped snickering I starting wondering if MY yard would qualify.  I do have prayer flags – decidedly nonChristian ones – but their colors are clearly too pastel. Wonder where I can get some in a rainbow of primary colors.

Then my second thought is: the gardens of my gay friends and acquaintances are among the BEST I’ve ever seen. So call my yard gay any time. Thank you.

(Photo via Reddit user jill853)

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  1. I’m sorry, but the indiscriminate and incorrect use of capital letters in the complainant’s note devalued its content (lacking as it was prior to said devaluation. ) Excuse me now while I add more primary colors to my garden.

  2. I agree with Mary. I suspect this is a hoax. The sad thing is that this type of ‘joke’ only creates more animosity and divisions among people. Remy makes a very good point, too. Every dollar that is given to this type of nonsense leaves one less dollar for those that really need help.

  3. The lack of spelling errors does suggest a hoax. The rabid right tends to be fairly creative with the rules of the language. Seems to me to be a call to be regaled with many, many tales of the gender bending lives of plants. Interested in a little apomixis anyone? Call 1-800-XYXY.

  4. Here’s what else suggests a hoax: the fact that the note-writer seems unaware that rainbows have been a Christian symbol for thousands of years. Really hard to believe so many people fell for this!

  5. No one is claiming the house doesnt exist, or the woman in the story. What people are pointing out, however, is that the “mean” note and this woman’s GoFundMe page share an unusual typing pattern (namely, the capitalizing of the first letter of any word they wish to emphasize), and that the odds of both the woman and her unknown neighbor just -happening- to share that habit are pretty slim.

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